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our approach

We’re dedicated to building a future that starts at home. As a majority black-owned company, we believe in building dynamic, robust, inclusive teams. Our people-first approach helps us connect clients and candidates who are made for each other.

Who we are

Our team is small but effective, with over 50 years’ of combined industry experience. We know how crucial positive relationship building is, especially in broad tech-dependent environments. This is why we’re continually learning more about your business and our candidates – to find those perfect matches that grow into beautiful partnerships.

Our foundations are built on ethics, transparency and honesty, and we strive to reflect these values through everything we do.

technology markets

We represent an exceptionally large database of candidates and recruit across the full spectrum of positions in these technology markets:

  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Analysis
  • Finance
  • Data Science
  • Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Investment
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Testing
  • Cybersecurity

… And many more

Meet the team

Our passionate team has a deep understanding of how crucial positive relationship building is, particularly in such broad technology-dependent environments and are continually in search of the perfect match between client and candidate.

Join the team

Lindsay Cowan

Did I ever think I’d be running a recruitment company? Answer, NO! I started life washing dishes in Spain, selling water coolers in the UK and even had a stint as a terrible five a side football player (2 matches) which resulted in a broken arm after accidentally tackling my own teammate! I quickly acknowledged that I wasn’t suitable for any of the above and pushed forward with a career in IT before later returning to South Africa with my family in 2010. It’s important for me to use the word “returning” in this bio as it doesn’t matter how many times I tell my friends I was born in South Africa, I am still accused of being a walking, talking Pom! Hilarious and totally untrue, I think…

Fast forward to today and I am proud to be the CEO of Acuity. It’s been a tremendous journey – not only do I have a fantastic team at work, I am exceptionally lucky to have an amazing team at home also. My wife is unquestionably the brightest and kindest person I know, and I am a very proud father of two amazing/demanding kids. Between a full-on work and home life, I enjoy all things outdoors and can be found regularly pounding the tar running or cycling, in preparation for the next competition in SA or overseas. I am at my happiest when I cross the finish line and can celebrate with an ice-cold beer!

Recruitment Director

Gary Silbermann

Helping people to improve their physical and psychological health is my primary motivator, which is why I studied a BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town, and subsequently practiced as a Chartered Physiotherapist for 15 years.

On completion of my degree in 1991, (yep, I’m that old!), I moved to the UK where I lived for 25 years. As a Private Practitioner in London, I launched the UK’s first rehab clinic within the UK’s first Sports Centre chain and was subsequently appointed as a consultant for two premier league football clubs.

Thereafter I founded a Spinal Rehabilitation Clinic on London’s famous Harley Street, where I developed computer-aided diagnostic equipment to further the understanding of chronic spinal dysfunctions. After several years, and having sold my private clinic, I decided to leave the medical profession and move into the technology sector.

By chance I fell into the world of IT Recruitment, joining the world’s largest recruitment company and climbed that greasy corporate poll for almost a decade.

My family and I then decided on a whim to move to the best city in the world, Cape Town, and we’ve never looked back!

At Acuity Consultants I am a Managing Partner and have the job titles of Recruitment Director and COO. But really, I am a hands-on tech recruiter through and through, where I remain committed to helping people feel better. In many ways I guess I have come full circle.

Honesty, trust, and ethical practice is paramount to me in building life-long relationships. Humility, gratitude, and helping people is what drives me.

In my spare time you will find me walking my dogs or slogging it out on the squash court.

Principal Consultant

Jaco Perold

I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BCom LLB degree, but before hitting the books at Stellies I left for the UK. Spent a year in the heart of London working as an Assistant Engineer.

After graduation from Stellies I started my IT Recruitment career, and what a journey it’s been so far. 14 years and counting, and I’ve been fortunate to gain experience across South Africa and the USA,  placing IT Technology, Cybersecurity & Tech Sales talent. I’ve partnered with early-stage startups, large multinational consulting firms, corporations, and companies backed by prestigious investors to help them solve talent shortages.

My international stint in Dallas, Texas, added a valuable dimension to my career. Living and working in the heart of the American tech industry provided me with insights into global recruitment practices, diverse cultures, and cutting-edge technologies. This experience has equipped me with a unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of IT recruitment beyond South Africa.

Driven by a passion for excellence, my mission is to be your trusted Talent Acquisition partner. I excel in delivering high-quality candidates and opportunities with a commitment to speed, efficiency, and professionalism. 

Recruitment Manager

Paige Rigby

After matriculating at Herschel Girls High School, I decided to embark on a gap year and left for the UK and traveled Europe. I returned to South Africa and went to Stellenbosch University and graduated with BA in Social Dynamics (Political Science). Aside from the degree, Stellenbosch was undoubtedly the best three years of my life, whereby my degree became a side hustle (do not tell my parents), and Wine Tasting became my passion and to justify this as a “hard day’s work” I started a Wine Blog called “The Wine Paige”. This all comes from my love for people and socializing.

I guess you can call me an Adventurous Social Butterfly who has a love for talking to people, learning about different cultures, and my spontaneity. I have always been a competitive sportsperson from Judo to Hockey. As I’ve got older, I’ve found a love for Yoga and Pilates and I enjoy seeing how both disciplines can strengthen you mentally and physically. I believe the key to life is finding a balance between rest, work, exercise, and play.

Recruitment Consultant

Daniel Goldberg

As a Journalism, Media Studies, Economics, & Enterprise Management graduate, I could never quite figure out where my passions lay. All I knew was that I was obsessed with processes. I loved running small businesses, but more so I loved to learn about the world of business.

While studying at Rhodes University, I founded my own small photography recruitment agency in Makhanda, Eastern Cape! Because of this, when the opportunity to join Acuity arose, I just knew this was my calling.

I believe loyalty and commitment are some of the most important values in life and I try to mirror these in all aspects of life.

Marketing Executive

Skye Slack

I grew up in the deep south in Cape Town, surfing, hiking, and the great outdoors is my ‘bread and butter’. I am a born and bred city girl who has the traits of a country girls’ heart. I like to think I can run with the bulls but in heels. That being said, I consider myself to be a social butterfly and one that is always up for a challenge. I am a chatty person who loves the sound of her own voice (or so I have been told.) I have a love for nature and have an eye for adventure.

I graduated from Red and Yellow Creative Business School in 2020. After doing an internship at Acuity, I had found myself at home amongst the recruiters. I would have never pictured myself – ‘a creative’, in the recruitment industry; but I had never felt so fulfilled and powerful in any other industry. Being the youngest in the office definitely has its perks ???? but it has allowed me to grow and learn in ways I would have never done.

Data Analyst

Andrea Williams

I consider myself a socialite, always out and about with friends enjoying life to the fullest, or to as much as what my bank account can afford. I enjoy attending events and dancing the night away to the different genres of music. I don’t see myself as a typical “girly girl” and have always been a bit of a “tomboy” since I was young, I enjoyed camping and any form of outdoor activities, whether it be on land, sea or heights, you name it, I’m up for it.

When I’m not out and about with friends, I like nothing more than spending time with my “Fur-babies”, my two dogs and my cat are my life and cuddling up with them watching a good movie (mostly Fantasy/Science Fiction, like different Marvel movies) or any form of Anime is always a good way to end my day (and yes I said Anime).

Operations Manager

Marja Kleynhans

I grew up in a small town and after finishing school I quickly realised that my opportunities would be somewhat limited there, so I decided to trade the country life for the big city life that Cape Town had to offer. Throughout my career, my work has always been focused on admin and making magic behind the scenes (which is where I prefer to be). I have worked in many different industries and I have to say that the recruitment world is by far the toughest environment, where persistence is key.

It has been an exciting journey to see the business evolve and grow over the last couple of years – many of my colleagues have been here since I started my journey with Acuity, which is testimony to our company’s culture! Outside of the office, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. I believe in switching things up and trying new activities/challenges – this is the way I like to live my life; accepting all challenges that life throws my way and growing as a person. Recently, I have learnt how to surf, I tackled my very first Triathlon (which was daunting, to say the least) and completed a 200km road race! I have no idea what this year may bring but I do know that I will be returning to the waves (I am a surfer chick at heart!).