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Your attitude is an all-encompassing term that defines your outlook and approach to life. In order to change your personal and professional attitude, start by changing the way you think about situations, people, and the world around you. Your attitude includes your inner thoughts and outward expressions. We must remember that the attitudes we exhibit can also play a large role in how others see us. People either see you as having a positive and optimistic tone on life or a negative and pessimistic worldview. In the end, your attitude determines everything you say and do, and what you say and do will determine your success.

It is important to highlight that there are differences between negative attitudes and a bad mood. Everyone has their good days and bad days. A negative attitude doesn’t just put others in a bad mood, it also has a tangible, measurable impact on how an office functions.

It may seem as if skills and experience are the most important characteristics of an employee, but attitude plays just as big of a role! After all, what good are great professional skills without the attitude to see it through? There are three key attitudes that small businesses should seek out in employees:

Respect for others:

Respect in the workplace doesn’t solely extend to the way employees interact with management. Staff should also have a respectful attitude when interacting with clients and customers as well as co-workers. Those with this type of attitude are willing to treat other people politely and professionally, even when they disagree with someone’s point of view.



Someone who is enthusiastic about life, in general, radiates positive energy that rubs off on everyone around them. Some people are just born with positive energy, but it can also be developed. Teach your staff to approach every situation, positive or negative, as a challenge and an opportunity.

Adopt a “glass half full” attitude in the company and encourage employees to build on it.


Be helpful:

It is important to have a helpful attitude at work, whether that means assisting clients and customers with their needs or helping co-workers accomplish overall company goals. The more helpful an attitude employees have, the more people want to be around them at work and the more willing they are to partner with their fellow employees.