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Today, an impressive LinkedIn profile is a must for anyone looking for a job. With the professional world becoming more and more digital, it is important to extend your job search and networking to the online space. The first step is to up your LinkedIn game.

Many people in the professional world have a LinkedIn profile, but usually, it is half-done, copied and pasted straight from their CV, or has not been logged into for months. As more people use LinkedIn to search for employment and employers search for potential employees, it is essential that your profile is top-notch.

Whether you’re a business veteran or just getting started, having a LinkedIn profile is an absolute must. Your LinkedIn profile could be the first professional impression a potential employer has of you. If it is not complete or kept up to date, it will look unprofessional. A profile photo is essential, the absence of a LinkedIn photo can be interpreted as “I’m too busy to take this seriously”. Instead, use a photo you genuinely like and that projects you in a confident and approachable manner. Think of your ‘About’ as an elevator pitch, sharp, snappy, and quick, wrapped in a bow. Make it meaningful as you are showcasing who you are and what you bring to the table.

When it comes to the ‘Experience’ section don’t be bare and basic with it. For all your previous jobs use bullet points to list your accomplishments in the roles and include results. List primary duties and incorporate keywords that are relevant to your industry, this allows your potential employers to scan the keywords and that indicates your skills and level of expertise. Always be sure to share credit, where credit is due, as this shows your level of management. Remember that you’re always moving forward and progressing in your career, so keep updating and refreshing your accomplishments, skills, and results.

While you want to keep an active profile, you don’t want to be so active online that it looks like you’re never working. There is such a thing as ‘too much, or too little activity’ when it comes to LinkedIn. In a world where everything is so transparent and searchable, you want your activity to show that you’re interested in the world, enthusiastically engaged in your work, and connecting with others in meaningful online conversations.

You should consider your LinkedIn profile is a constant working progress. Dream jobs often come along at the most unexpected times, so keep it fresh and up to date.