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Most people worry about job interviews because they truly believe that every interview is a precious opportunity not to be squandered. If you have gone to an interview thinking, “Please God, don’t let me screw this up!” You are putting way too much pressure on yourself. Nobody can please everyone!

You need to remember that you can relax. You need to adapt the viewpoint of “this is just a conversation about one of my favourite topics,” with a human being not a scary monster! You may feel nervous, your hands feel hot and sweaty, but I do promise you will come out alive.

Here are some tips on how to get over your fear of interviews:

  1. Prepare! You need to prepare your stories and your responses. The feeling of being unprepared is the worst. Make sure that you fully know what examples, stories, achievements, and responses you’re going to have for the most common questions that come up in an interview.


  1. Practice! Practice! Practice! Allow people around you to mock-interview you, even when you’re not job hunting at the moment. You need to practice your answers and responses. Another way to practice is to talk into a mirror or record yourself.


  1. Networking, get out, and meet new people. When you do, invite them out for coffee. Sitting down with a relative stranger and asking them questions is the world’s best way to improve your conversation skills as well as reduce your fear of the interviewing process.


  1. When you have an upcoming interview, prepare for it by walking through the interview in your mind. It will calm your nerves to visualize a successful interview. Picture yourself in an interview room making a fantastic impression and try to vividly imagine the strong sense of positive confidence that you feel. You will be able to focus your thoughts and get a confidence boost.


  1. Be present. You have to make sure that you are comfortable in the environment. Whether your interview is a video call or in person. You need to be sure of your surroundings, especially if you are going to the office for an interview. You need to get yourself grounded and connected to the unfamiliar space. By doing so, it will help you stay calm and ease your nerves.


  1. Focus on them NOT you! You need to focus on them and listen. You have to make sure that you are delivering the correct information and in the best. Engage with your interviewer and really listen to what they’re asking you.


  1. Boost your confidence, dress to impress! You need to look at the part, no matter if your interview is in person or via video. Grooming yourself makes you feel good, which helps you feel calmer and more focused.