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The first day in a new role offers valuable opportunities to make a first impression. It is only natural to feel a mix of both excitement and nerves when starting a new job! There can be a lot of uncertainly that comes with starting a new job and it can be intimidating. It requires quite a balancing act to succeed in a new job! You have to remain humble but also make an impact. You are not only trying to make a good impression but you’re figuring out if this is the right fit for you too. But it is important to overcome the sense of trepidation and prove your worth to the company.

During the interview stage, you may have done plenty of research on your new company but now is the time to refresh your memory. Remind yourself of the important facts about the organization so that you can engage in conversation with your new colleagues.

Try to set your nerves aside and start your new job with a positive attitude! Always keep in mind that the company has chosen you for the job, so you have what it takes to master the role.

Your first day is likely to involve a steady flow of introductions and meeting new faces and learning colleagues’ names. Be ready to share information about yourself if asked or when you are introduced to new colleagues. It’s not necessary to reveal everything about yourself or your background. A little bit about you as a person should be more than enough.

One of the worst things you can do when starting a new job is to become involved in office politics or gossip. You need to stay neutral. Aim to take in as much information as you can, make notes if necessary to remember any new processes, software, or important contact names. Take time to figure out who the decision-makers are and observe what they prioritize.

As you settle into your new job, the office environment and your coworkers will soon become more familiar, and you’ll quickly get into the swing of things. Expect to feel overwhelmed sometimes – it can take a few months to fully adjust! By remaining confident and professional yet approachable in the early days, you’ll cement your reputation as a valued member of the team!