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Dry mouth. Shaky knees. Sweaty palms. Hot flushes. Butterflies in your stomach. They’re all a part of searching for a job. When it comes to looking for a new job; it can produce a fair share of fear, stress, and anxiety. With endless applications, the anticipation of rejection, and the daunting interviews, an element of fear during your search is understandable.

However, is important part is to not let that uncertainty and intimidation slow you down or stop you in your tracks. You need to continue to push through and stay positive, despite that nauseous feeling that creeps in now and then.

By now, I can understand you saying, ‘it is easier said than done. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to stifle those fearful feelings and keep moving forward. Ignoring the knots in your stomach and the thoughts of self-doubt can be a challenge. But that’s doesn’t mean it is impossible! Here are these three tips to use to help banish your fears.

Understand your fears:

It is hard to fix a problem until you identify exactly what it is. Unfortunately, there can be a ton of different fears related to the job-hunting process. Perhaps, you are terrified of saying something ridiculous in an interview, or you’re intimidated by putting yourself out there. Even be the mere thought of rejection could be enough to have you shaking in your boots.

Whatever it may be, take some time to think about what exact part of the job search has you feeling anxious or afraid. Once you have identified the source of the problem, you’ll be able to take the steps to resolve the issue.

Over prepare:

Many of our fears stem from being underprepared. Not being able to answer an interview question correctly, getting lost on your way to the office, or evening sending the wrong attachment in an email – they’re all a result of disorganization and a lack of preparation.

Taking the time to keep yourself organized and on top of every single element of your job search can instill a great deal of confidence. Being a little over-prepared will change your attitude and outlook during your job search.


Now I know, this is the most cliché advice someone can give you and you’re probably rolling your eyes at this subtitle. But it truly is an important piece of the puzzle. Take a deep breath and relax because those frazzled nerves and anxious thoughts won’t do you any favors in the long run.

Job hunting is stressful. But you can’t let your fear stop you in your tracks. Nobody can fault you for the nervous pit in your stomach you feel every time you think about submitting another application. Keep moving forward, despite what that little voice of self-doubt in your head is screaming.

Put these three tips into action, and you’re sure to squelch those fearful feelings! So don’t hold back applying if you see something of interest. This might seem scary but keep moving forward!