Are you one for getting everything served on a silver platter? Even a job?

This has been a burning issue for far too long and something which I can’t wrap my mind around.

Have you ever had your spouse, parent, or friend call in about a position you would like to apply for? Have you ever had someone else apply for a job on your behalf?

Have you ever applied to a job for a loved one?

Coming from me, just don’t do it! EVER!

It’s time to put your big girl/boy panties on and take control of your own destiny. Cliché? I know! But I don’t know how else to say it! Finding a job is something you as the candidate need to take control of right from the beginning.

I understand that the job search is a rather daunting and time-consuming process but if you want to start your job search off on the back foot, have your spouse, partner or parent apply for you. Not only does it scream, I can’t be bothered/I’m too shy or scared to pick up the phone/I’m too busy to search for a new job BUT if you are the person I am going to put forward to a loyal client, trust me I won’t be sending someone who can’t take the time to apply for their next career move.

As a recruiter, we spend our days searching for strong candidates who can present themselves well, who are well qualified, and who meet the requirement of a job. We receive hundreds of applications and speak to multiple candidates on a daily basis. The job market is incredibly competitive which is why FIRST IMPRESSIONS really do matter! You need to stand out, catch the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention within the first few seconds. This is nearly impossible when the conversation starts “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of my child/spouse/friend who is interested in the role you have advertised”!

The first thing that goes through my mind is: are they scared to call? Can’t they be bothered? Is their partner some kind of control freak who wants them to earn more money? I can go on, but I promise, all are negative.

So here is my free recruitment tip, if you want to enter the job market and look for your new position, take the time to do the research, put your best foot forward by applying for the jobs you are interested in, and do NOT have someone else do it for you.

And to all the eager parents and controlling partners out there, I know you think you are helping by applying on behalf of your loved ones but you are not! The only thing you are doing is ruining the candidate’s reputation.