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The world is very different than it was 30-40 years ago. In our connected world, we are seeing a major shift in the workforce, there are far more jobs in the tech industry and far fewer jobs in other industries as they become more dependent on technology. A common fear felt by most is their job or even career becoming redundant by automation, we are seeing it today as more car manufacturers ‘employing’ robots to eliminate human error, even cashiers at your local supermarket will slowly fade away.


Fear not, as technology becomes a permanent fixture in our lives, this opens up more job opportunities for those within the Tech Sector. Here are some of the most in-demand positions companies are looking to fill in 2019.


Cyber Security Engineers


“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world” – Ginny Rometty, IBM President & CEO


Security has become one of the most important parts of modern business. For a company that collects sensitive data such as their customer’s personal information, security is paramount. A data breach can cost companies millions to rectify not to mention the damage it takes on the integrity and reliability of the business. This makes a Cyber Security Engineer one of the most valuable employees a business can have and the demand for top Security Engineer has increased exponentially. Which is great news for someone who is looking to find their niche.


Data Scientist/Analysts


Data is ‘king’ to many companies, the more data they can gather, the more accurate their business projections will become. With 84% of businesses investing in Big Data initiatives, there is an increasing demand for those bright enough to fill the vacant positions. We are seeing more institutions offering Data Science as a postgraduate course to help fill those gaps.


Business Intelligence Analyst  


BI Analysts work very closely with Data Scientists. While you need a good team of Data Scientist to find intelligent ways to gather valuable data for your business, you need an equally good BI Analysts to analyse, interpret and report the data and provide valuable insights for your business.


AI/Machine Learning Engineers


Artificial Intelligence is no new concept, initial research began in the late 30s, early 40s, and we are only starting to see its rise in popularity in recent years. The AI/ML fields are immensely understaffed, probably due to its complexity, but business leaders are constantly looking for new ways to automate, optimise and modernise business processes and practises. As we’ve only entered into the realm of AI, it makes it one of the most innovative and exciting fields to explore and making it one of the most profitable skills you can learn.


Python Developers


With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we are seeing an equally increased demand for Python Developers. As Python becomes the fastest-growing programming language, more developers are noticing it’s diversity in developing complex scientific and numeric applications, software development and web development. Along with its simple and readable syntax, it is quickly becoming the preferred choice to most companies.


DevOps Engineer


DevOps workflows are becoming increasingly popular and we are seeing an increased number of DevOps positions become available. DevOps practices encourage faster code deployments and ensure maximum efficiency. To be a DevOps Engineer, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about coding and scripting and have a good understanding of IT Infrastructure. A good DevOps Engineer will never go underappreciated!


Java Developers


Becoming a Java Developer is always a safe bet as they are always in demand. Despite the increased rise of Python, C# and R, Java is still the preferred choice for creating large enterprise systems. Its stability and robustness are ideal on heavily dependent systems such as Online Banking. With the growth of cloud technologies, it’s reliance on Java ensures it remains on the list!


Mobile Developers


It is said that by 2021, 40% of the world’s population will own a smartphone. This means instead of building interacting Web Applications or websites; companies are shifting their focus on creating mobile apps. The ease and convenience of having every aspect of your life connected to an app is very appealing to many people. As Mobile App Development is still relatively new, we will soon see it become incorporated with new technology trends like Augmented Reality, we’ve already seen how apps like Pokémon Go have quickly risen to popularity. We won’t see this position becoming redundant anytime soon.


Many of these positions will set you on a path to success within the ever-growing tech industry, it’s up to you to choose which of these profitable skills you’d like to pursue! You can expect to see this list change in the next few years as the development and popularity of new digital trends like Augmented/Virtual Reality and Blockchain increase.

Find out if we have any of these roles available in your city or send us your CV and we will notify you when one does become available!

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