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Now, that your time at university is over and it’s time to think about what is your next step going to be? You might find yourself feeling a little lost and unsure about which direction to head in. And that is perfectly okay! Sure, some people you know might have lined up a graduate job already, but there is no shame in not having a firm plan for the future. There are several different routes you can take after university, just know that everyone’s journey will be different.  Here are some potential ways to start the next chapter in your life.

Take a gap year

Whether you choose to have a short holiday, go traveling for an extended period, become a volunteer or earn while you travel. Many don’t agree with gap years, but they do offer brilliant opportunities, not only to see the world but also to experience different cultures, ways of thinking, and understanding. Taking time out to go backpacking demonstrates maturity, good organization, and planning skills, and self-sufficiency.

Working while traveling is also a great way to boost your CV and develop a range of skills. Taking a year out to weigh up your options, decide where your professional interests lie, travel, and gain life experiences also helps you make more informed career decisions.

Continue your studies

If you just can’t bear to say goodbye to your university then maybe it’s not time to leave? Postgraduate study isn’t for everyone and in some careers it is not necessary. Make sure you’ve done your research and realized that you could enhance your employability by studying further, then go for it.

If you are not sure if you can afford to go ahead with studying further, check whether you qualify for grants or scholarships to make it more affordable.

Get a graduate job

Even this late in the game, it’s not too late to find a graduate job. Look for companies that offer career progression so that once you’ve completed your graduate placement you may be able to move into a permanent role within the company. If you are struggling to find a job straight after graduation, fill your time with internships, volunteering, part-time work, or job shadowing.

Become an entrepreneur

If you don’t fancy jumping on the nine-to-five bandwagon, then why not try to go at it alone and be your own boss? Sometimes you need to think outside the box. If you can’t find your dream job, why not create it by setting up your own company? Perhaps you have a great business idea. If so, putting your entrepreneurial skills to the test could be a smart move for you.