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You’ve probably dealt with a recruiter sometime during your career and, depending on your experience, would’ve formulated a general opinion. Some good, some, uh…not so good.


Whether you’re struggling to find the right position for yourself or aren’t even actively looking for a job but are thinking of getting your CV out there, using a recruitment agency could be your key to finding the elusive job you’ve been longing for.


It’s hard to know where to start looking for a recruitment agency, let alone a new job, so here are some tips to get the most out of a recruiter and make the task of looking for a job as painless and, effective as possible.


What does a recruiter do?

First, you need to understand what a recruiter does and how they can help you. It’s a common misconception that a recruiter finds jobs for people, when in actual fact, recruiters find people for jobs.


When was the last time you paid a recruiter to help you find your new job?

I hope your answer is “never”.


A recruiter doesn’t work for you, rather, they are hired by a company to recruit their latest available positions. With that in mind, when a recruiter calls and wants to discuss a position they have available, it’s because they’ve seen what you do and have matched your skillset with a job.


It’s important to know that recruiters can’t help everyone because most positions require in-demand skills. For this reason, it’s also important that as a jobseeker, you are sure that the recruitment company specialises in your area of expertise (or at least has a fair amount of experience placing similar candidates within your industry).


Listen carefully to their advice

Recruiters have a unique point of view given that they can see how hiring decisions are made by their clients and understand exactly what it is that they are looking for in a candidate.


Most recruiters have a wealth of industry experience and resources to draw from and will be able to point you in a direction that is best suited to you as an employee and an individual. Listen carefully to the advice they give you, from how to format a CV to where to upskill. They know what they’re talking about.


What’s in it for them?

When working with an external recruiter, you, as a candidate, are at an advantage because you share a common goal: getting you placed in a new role. A recruiter only gets paid upon a new hire starting at the company for which they are recruiting. Until then, they don’t get a cent from the placement, other than their basic salary (they must eat!). Their aim is to make money by helping you get your next job.


Recruiters are people too!

Be nice to your recruiter. Sometimes you may feel like they are not helping, and the job search is taking longer than you anticipated. They’re not miracle workers! But also, if you are unresponsive or place unnecessary demands on the type of job you or your salary are looking for, they will put their clients’ preferences first and may be wary of continuing communication with you.


Remember that the way you deal with a recruiter will give insight into how you work within a team or communicate, – requirements made by the client that you may not be aware of.


Recruiters have connections

A recruiter’s favourite tool is LinkedIn. They would have connected with thousands of decision makers, hiring managers, other recruiters and HR professionals who could use your skills. The chances of your CV being distributed to a larger network of professionals, beyond your friends, family and old colleagues is much higher and can increase your chances of finding the right job.


Recruiters will help you through the process

Remember that common goal? Recruiters will want to help you as much as possible to ensure you get placed. Often, they will help you with all the preparation you need by providing valuable information on the hiring managers you’ll meet and some background on the client. They might even provide some insider info that isn’t available to the public! If you choose the right recruiter to work with, they will do their utmost to make sure your experience with the company is pleasant. It’s a three-way win if everyone is happy.


Higher chances of finding a job

Recruiters working in an agency environment always increase your chances of finding a new job.


They will almost always have direct contact with a trusted Hiring Manager or an HR team member. Should you have a rare skillset, a recruiter can recommend your CV as a standout applicant and increase your chances of an interview. It’s far better than your CV sitting amongst the hundreds of irrelevant direct applications companies can receive.


Your details won’t get lost in the thousands of CVs; all recruitment agencies use sophisticated Applicant Tracking System (database) that can pick out relevant keywords from your CV so if you don’t have enough experience to be considered for a live position, they will be able to revisit your CV should a more relevant  position become available.


Recruiters are there to help and should not be seen as your primary resource to find your next position but instead as an extra avenue to increase your chances of finding your dream job. Make sure you’re ready to start your job search before you reach out to a recruiter to explore an advance in your career. If you’ve got your phone ready, give us a call to discuss your next career requirements and we will provide the best advice for your career progression!

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